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The only free and fully functional Android GCM native extension for Adobe AIR


This tutorial is about native extension for Adobe AIR and GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) which is a free service provided by Google that allows messages to be pushed to devices of your app users. If anyone is interested in more information on how to create an Android app capable of reception of GCM messages please check out this article on Google dev portal: GCM Tutorial.

In the course of development of  a new social drawing app “Sketch Guess”, we wanted to add an ability for the server to notify players when important events occur in the game and display the appropriate view when the application resumes or restarts (the “fetch message payload after app just launched” capability is only implemented in our own solution so far). While there is an abundance of Adobe AIR native extensions for iOS, there was definitely a gap to be filled for Android applications.

The only way to proceed was to create our own extension which I’m going to provide here for download along with a fully functional example application and a set of instructions below.

The extension is made for Adobe SDK 4.6 + AIR SDK 3.1 . Although, I’m sure it’ll work with 4.5 and 3.0 or newer versions. My weapon of choice in developing Air things is Intellij 10 or 11, so I won’t be providing exact procedures to link to “.ane” when you setup the project since that varies from environment to environment.

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