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iOS 6, Adobe Air (3.4 upgrade) and drawWithQuality

iOS 6 + Adobe Air

The all new shiny and powerful iOS 6 arrived recently, allowing developers to add even more cool features to their applications. But what does it mean for those who develop iOS apps using Adobe AIR?

Well, we found out it the hard way. Our app that was built using Adobe 3.1 SDK just stopped working for those users who upgraded their devices. Unfortunately there is no way to limit the app distribution to older iOS versions (4 and 5) so we had to scramble to see what can be done.

Good thing that the new Adobe AIR 3.4 SDK recently arrived and it does support iOS6. They also added a number of awesome features and finally bundled AIR SDK with Flex SDK, so you don’t have to download them from separate sources and do all the manual work to merge. That bundled version can be downloaded here.

The upgrade is pretty simple. You need to reference the new SDK in project dependencies, update you app descriptor.xml with this line (replacing the old one):


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